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// Alphabet.h
// Alphabet.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2002 David Ward


#include "DasherTypes.h"

#include <vector>
#include "AlphabetMap.h"

00022 namespace Dasher {class CAlphabet;}
class Dasher::CAlphabet
      virtual ~CAlphabet() {};
      int GetNumberSymbols() const { return m_Characters.size();}        // return size of alphabet
      Opts::ScreenOrientations GetOrientation() {return m_Orientation;}
      Opts::AlphabetTypes GetType() {return m_DefaultEncoding;}
      std::string& GetTrainingFile() {return m_TrainingFile;}
      std::string& GetPalette() {return m_DefaultPalette;}
      symbol GetParagraphSymbol() {return m_ParagraphSymbol;}
      symbol GetSpaceSymbol() {return m_SpaceSymbol;}
      symbol GetControlSymbol() {return m_ControlSymbol;}
      const std::string& GetDisplayText(symbol i) const {return m_Display[i];} // return display string for i'th symbol
      const std::string& GetText(symbol i) const {return m_Characters[i];}     // return string for i'th symbol
      int GetColour(symbol i) const {return m_Colours[i];}     // return the colour for i'th symbol
      int GetGroupColour(int i) const {return m_GroupColour[i];} // return the colour for i'th group
      std::string GetGroupLabel(int i) const {return m_GroupLabel[i];}
      int GetTextColour(symbol i);      // return the foreground colour for i'th symbol
      const std::string& GetForeground(symbol i) const {return m_Foreground[i];} // return the foreground colour for i'th symbol
      int get_group(symbol i) const {return m_Group[i];}                // return group membership of i'th symbol
      // Fills Symbols with the symbols corresponding to Input. {{{ Note that this
      // is not necessarily reversible by repeated use of GetText. Some text
      // may not be recognised and so discarded. If IsMore is true then Input
      // is truncated to any final characters that were not used due to ambiguous
      // continuation. If IsMore is false Input is assumed to be all the available
      // text and so a symbol will be returned for a final "a" even if "ae" is
      // defined as its own symbol. }}}
      void GetSymbols(std::vector<symbol>* Symbols, std::string* Input, bool IsMore);
      void dump() const; // diagnostic
      virtual void AddControlSymbol()=0;
      virtual void DelControlSymbol()=0;

      // Add the characters that can appear in Nodes
      void AddChar(const std::string NewCharacter, const std::string Display, int Colour, const std::string Foreground); // add single char to the alphabet
      // Delete a character
      void DelChar(symbol Symbol);
      void StartNewGroup(int colour=-1,std::string label="");

      // Alphabet language parameters
      void SetParagraphSymbol() {m_ParagraphSymbol=m_Characters.size()-1;}
      void SetSpaceSymbol() {m_SpaceSymbol=m_Characters.size()-1;}         // We can set the space symbol to be the last character added
      void SetControlSymbol() {m_ControlSymbol=m_Characters.size()-1;} // We set the control symbol to be the last character added. Given the above, this is a hack.
      void SetParagraphSymbol(symbol ParagraphSymbol) {m_ParagraphSymbol=ParagraphSymbol;}
      void SetSpaceSymbol(symbol SpaceSymbol) {m_SpaceSymbol=SpaceSymbol;} // ...or any desired symbol.
      void SetControlSymbol(symbol ControlSymbol) {m_ControlSymbol=ControlSymbol;}
      void SetOrientation(Opts::ScreenOrientations Orientation) {m_Orientation=Orientation;}
      void SetLanguage(Opts::AlphabetTypes Group) {m_DefaultEncoding=Group;}
      void SetTrainingFile(std::string TrainingFile) {m_TrainingFile=TrainingFile;}
      void SetPalette(std::string Palette) {m_DefaultPalette=Palette;}
      Opts::AlphabetTypes m_DefaultEncoding;
      Opts::ScreenOrientations m_Orientation;
      symbol m_ParagraphSymbol;
      symbol m_SpaceSymbol;
      symbol m_ControlSymbol;
      std::string m_TrainingFile;
      std::string m_DefaultPalette;

      std::vector<std::string> m_Characters; // stores the characters
      std::vector<std::string> m_Display;    // stores how the characters are visually represented in the Dasher nodes
      std::vector<int> m_Colours;    // stores the colour of the characters
      std::vector<std::string> m_Foreground; // stores the colour of the character foreground
      std::vector<int> m_Group;              // stores the group indicators - e.g. caps, numbers, punctuation
      std::vector<int> m_GroupColour; // stores the colour of the group
    std::vector<std::string> m_GroupLabel;
    int m_Groups;                          // number of groups
      alphabet_map TextMap;

#endif // ifndef __DASHER_ALPHABET_H__

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