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// DasherAppInterface.h
// Copyright (c) 2002 Iain Murray

#ifndef __DasherAppInterface_h__
#define __DasherAppInterface_h__

#include "AlphIO.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>

namespace Dasher
      class CDasherAppInterface;
      class CDasherScreen;
      class CDashEditbox;

class Dasher::CDasherAppInterface
      // We may change the widgets Dasher uses at run time

        //! Change the screen being used by the core to NewScreen
      virtual void ChangeScreen(CDasherScreen* NewScreen)=0;

      //! Change the editbox being used by the core to NewEdit
      virtual void ChangeEdit(CDashEditbox* NewEdit)=0;
      // Training by string segments or file all training data must be in UTF-8.
      //! Train the core on Trainstring
      //! \param TrainString UTF-8 encoded string to train the core on
      //! \param IsMore True if more text is to follow as part of the same
      //! logical sequence, false otherwise (this allows the model to make
      //! assumptions regarding whether the final character provided is in 
      //! the middle of a word or not)
      virtual void Train(std::string* TrainString, bool IsMore)=0;

      //! Train the core on the file in Filename.
      //! The file should contain UTF-8 encoded text
      virtual void TrainFile(std::string Filename)=0;
      // App may want to display characters per minute or frames per second.

      //! Tell the interface how many font sizes there are and what they are

      virtual void GetFontSizes(std::vector<int> *FontSizes) const =0;

      //! Provides the number of characters per minute input. (Not implemented)
      virtual double GetCurCPM()=0;
      //! Provides the framerate that Dasher is runnin at. (Not implemented)
      virtual double GetCurFPS()=0;

      // Customize alphabet
      //! Get a vector containing a list of alphabet names available to Dasher
      virtual void GetAlphabets(std::vector< std::string >* AlphabetList)=0;
      //! Return an AlphInfo object containing the alphabet with name AlphID
      virtual const CAlphIO::AlphInfo& GetInfo(const std::string& AlphID)=0;

      //! Save a new or modified AlphInfo object
      virtual void SetInfo(const CAlphIO::AlphInfo& NewInfo)=0;

      //! Delete the alphabet with name AlphID
      virtual void DeleteAlphabet(const std::string& AlphID)=0;

      //! Get a vector containing a list of colour schemes available to Dasher
      virtual void GetColours(std::vector< std::string >* AlphabetList)=0;

      //! Add a control node of some description
      virtual void AddControlTree(ControlTree *controltree)=0;

    virtual int GetOneButton()=0;
    virtual int GetAutoOffset()=0;
    virtual void SetOneButton(int Value)=0;

#endif /* #ifndef __DasherAppInterface_h__ */

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