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// DasherInterface.h
// Copyright (c) 2002 Iain Murray

#ifndef __DasherInterface_h__
#define __DasherInterface_h__

// TODO - there is a list of things to be configurable in my notes
// Check that everything that is not self-contained within the GUI is covered.

#include "../Common/NoClones.h"

#include "DasherWidgetInterface.h"
#include "DasherAppInterface.h"
#include "DasherSettingsInterface.h"

#include "DasherScreen.h"
#include "Alphabet.h"
#include "AlphIO.h"
#include "CustomColours.h"
#include "ColourIO.h"
#include "LanguageModel.h"
#include "DasherModel.h"
#include "DashEdit.h"
#include "DasherView.h"

#include <map>

namespace Dasher {class CDasherInterface;}
class Dasher::CDasherInterface : private NoClones,
      public CDasherWidgetInterface, public CDasherAppInterface, public CDasherSettingsInterface
      virtual ~CDasherInterface();

      //! Tell the core which CSettingsStore should be used
      void SetSettingsStore(CSettingsStore* SettingsStore);

      //! Tell the core which CDasherSettingsInterface should be used
      //! Provide a pointer to an instance of CDasherSettingsInterface in 
      //! order to allow for platform dependent configuration of certain 
      //! options
      void SetSettingsUI(CDasherSettingsInterface* SettingsUI);
      //! Set the path for user specific configuration and files
      void SetUserLocation(std::string UserLocation);

      //! Set the path for system-wide configuration and files
      void SetSystemLocation(std::string SystemLocation);
      //! Add an alphabet filename
      void AddAlphabetFilename(std::string Filename);

      //! Add a colour filename
      void AddColourFilename(std::string Filename);

      // Widget Interface
      // -----------------------------------------------------
      void Start();
      void TapOn(int MouseX, int MouseY, unsigned long Time); // Times in milliseconds
      void PauseAt(int MouseX, int MouseY);                   // are required to make
      void Halt();
      void Unpause(unsigned long Time);                       // Dasher run at the
      void Redraw();                                          // correct speed.

      void DrawMousePos(int MouseX, int MouseY);
      void GoTo(int MouseX, int MouseY);
      void DrawGoTo(int MouseX, int MouseY);
      void ChangeScreen(); // The widgets need to tell the engine when they have been
      void ChangeEdit();   // affected by external interaction
      unsigned int GetNumberSymbols();           // These are needed so widgets know
      const std::string& GetDisplayText(symbol Symbol); // how to render the alphabet. All
      const std::string& GetEditText(symbol Symbol);    // strings are encoded in UTF-8
      int GetTextColour(symbol Symbol);    // the foreground colour of the text
      Opts::ScreenOrientations GetAlphabetOrientation();
      Opts::AlphabetTypes GetAlphabetType();
      const std::string& GetTrainFile();
      // App Interface
      // -----------------------------------------------------
      // std::map<int, std::string>& GetAlphabets(); // map<key, value> int is a UID string can change. Store UID in preferences. Display string to user.
      // std::vector<std::string>& GetAlphabets();
      // std::vector<std::string>& GetLangModels();
      // std::vector<std::string>& GetViews();
      void ChangeScreen(CDasherScreen* NewScreen); // We may change the widgets Dasher uses
      void ChangeEdit(CDashEditbox* NewEdit);      // at run time.
      void Train(std::string* TrainString, bool IsMore); // Training by string segments or file
      void TrainFile(std::string Filename);              // all training data must be in UTF-8.

      void GetFontSizes(std::vector<int> *FontSizes) const;
      double GetCurCPM(); // App may want to display characters per minute
      double GetCurFPS(); // or frames per second.
      // Customize alphabet
      void GetAlphabets(std::vector< std::string >* AlphabetList);
      const CAlphIO::AlphInfo& GetInfo(const std::string& AlphID);
      void SetInfo(const CAlphIO::AlphInfo& NewInfo);
      void DeleteAlphabet(const std::string& AlphID);

      void GetColours(std::vector< std::string >* ColourList);
      void AddControlTree(ControlTree *controltree);
      // Settings Interface (options saved between sessions)
      // -----------------------------------------------------
      void ChangeAlphabet(const std::string& NewAlphabetID);
      std::string GetCurrentAlphabet();
      void ChangeColours(const std::string& NewColourID);
      std::string GetCurrentColours();
      void ChangeMaxBitRate(double NewMaxBitRate);
      void ChangeLanguageModel(unsigned int NewLanguageModelID);
      void ChangeView(unsigned int NewViewID);
      void ChangeOrientation(Opts::ScreenOrientations Orientation);
      void SetFileEncoding(Opts::FileEncodingFormats Encoding);
      // TODO Color customization.
      void ShowToolbar(bool Value);
      void ShowToolbarText(bool Value);
      void ShowToolbarLargeIcons(bool Value);
      void ShowSpeedSlider(bool Value);
      void FixLayout(bool Value);
      void TimeStampNewFiles(bool Value);
      void CopyAllOnStop(bool Value);
      void DrawMouse(bool Value);
      void DrawMouseLine(bool Value);
      void StartOnSpace(bool Value);
      void StartOnLeft(bool Value);
      void KeyControl(bool Value);
      void WindowPause(bool Value);
      void ControlMode(bool Value);
      void ColourMode(bool Value);
      void KeyboardMode(bool Value);
      void MouseposStart(bool Value);
      void Speech(bool Value);
      void OutlineBoxes(bool Value);
      void PaletteChange(bool Value);
      void SetScreenSize(long Width, long Height);
      void SetEditHeight(long Value);
      void SetEditFont(std::string Name, long Size);
      void SetDasherFont(std::string Name);
      void SetDasherFontSize(FontSize fontsize);
      void SetDasherDimensions(bool Value);
      void SetDasherEyetracker(bool Value);
      void SetUniform(int Value);
      void SetYScale(int Value);
      void SetMousePosDist(int Value);
    int GetOneButton();
    void SetOneButton(int Value);
    int GetAutoOffset();
    void Render();

      CAlphabet* m_Alphabet;
      CCustomColours* m_Colours;
      CLanguageModel* m_LanguageModel;
      CDasherModel* m_DasherModel;
      CDashEditbox* m_DashEditbox;
      CDasherScreen* m_DasherScreen;
      CDasherView* m_DasherView;
      CSettingsStore* m_SettingsStore;
      CDasherSettingsInterface* m_SettingsUI;
      CAlphIO* m_AlphIO;      
      CAlphIO::AlphInfo m_AlphInfo;
      CColourIO* m_ColourIO;
      CColourIO::ColourInfo m_ColourInfo;
      CContext* TrainContext;
      std::string AlphabetID;
      std::string ColourID;
      int LanguageModelID;
      int ViewID;
      double m_MaxBitRate;
      bool m_CopyAllOnStop;
      bool m_DrawMouse;
      bool m_DrawMouseLine;
      bool m_DrawKeyboard;
      bool m_StartSpace;
      bool m_StartLeft;
      bool m_KeyControl;
      bool m_Dimensions;
      bool m_Eyetracker;
      bool m_WindowPause;
      bool m_ControlMode;
      bool m_ColourMode;
      bool m_KeyboardMode;
      bool m_MouseposStart;
      bool m_Paused;
      bool m_PaletteChange;
      Opts::ScreenOrientations m_Orientation;
      std::string m_UserLocation;
      std::string m_SystemLocation;
      std::string m_TrainFile;

      std::string m_DasherFont;
      Opts::FontSize m_DasherFontSize;

      std::string m_EditFont;
      std::vector<std::string> m_AlphabetFilenames;
      std::vector<std::string> m_ColourFilenames;
      int m_EditFontSize;
      static const std::string EmptyString;
      void CreateDasherModel();

#endif /* #ifndef __DasherInterface_h__ */

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