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// DasherModel.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2004 David Ward

#ifndef __DasherModel_h__
#define __DasherModel_h__

#include "../Common/NoClones.h"

#include "DashEdit.h"
#include "DasherNode.h"
#include "DasherScreen.h"
#include "LanguageModel.h"
#include <math.h>
#include "DasherTypes.h"
#include "FrameRate.h"
#include <vector>
#include <deque>

// The DasherModel represents the current state of Dasher
// It contains a tree of DasherNodes
//          knows the current viewpoint
//          knows how to evolve the viewpoint

namespace Dasher {class CDasherModel;}

class Dasher::CDasherModel : private NoClones
      CDasherModel(CDashEditbox* Editbox, CLanguageModel* LanguageModel, bool Dimensions, bool Eyetracker, bool Paused);
      // framerate functions
      void NewFrame(unsigned long Time) {m_fr.NewFrame(Time);}    // called everytime we render a new frame
      double Framerate () const {return m_fr.Framerate();}        // return the framerate
      void Reset_framerate(unsigned long Time) {m_fr.Reset(Time);}

      void Halt() {m_fr.Initialise();}
      // User control of speed
      void SetBitrate(double TargetRate) {m_fr.SetBitrate(TargetRate);} // Use or start at this bitrate
      void SetMaxBitrate(double MaxRate) {m_dMaxRate=MaxRate;m_fr.SetMaxBitrate(MaxRate);} // Cap any adaption at this rate
      // functions returning private data (read only access)
      myint Rootmin() const {return m_Rootmin;}
      myint Rootmax() const {return m_Rootmax;}
      myint DasherOX() const {return m_DasherOX;}
      myint DasherOY() const {return m_DasherOY;}
      CDasherNode* Root() const {return m_Root;}
      int Normalization() const {return m_iNormalization;}
      myint DasherY() const {return m_DasherY;}
      bool Dimensions() const {return m_Dimensions;}
      bool Eyetracker() const {return m_Eyetracker;}
    bool Paused() const {return m_Paused; }

      void OutputCharacters(CDasherNode *node);
      bool DeleteCharacters(CDasherNode *newnode, CDasherNode *oldnode);
      void Dump() const;                                              // diagnostics
      //void Learn_symbol(symbol Symbol) {m_languagemodel->learn_symbol(Symbol);} // feed character to language model

    void Set_dimensions(bool dimensions) {m_Dimensions=dimensions;}
    void Set_eyetracker(bool eyetracker) {m_Eyetracker=eyetracker;}
    void Set_paused(bool paused)         {m_Paused=paused;}
      void Tap_on_display(myint,myint, unsigned long Time);           // evolves the current viewpoint
      void GoTo(double,myint);                                         // jumps to a new viewpoint
      void Start();                                                   // initializes the data structure
      void Make_root(int whichchild);                                 // find a new root node
      void Reparent_root(int lower, int upper);                                 // change back to the previous root
      myint PlotGoTo(myint MouseX, myint MouseY);

      void NewControlTree(ControlTree *tree) { m_pControltree=tree; }
      ControlTree* GetControlTree() const { return m_pControltree; }

      struct CRange
            CRange(myint _iMin, myint _iMax) : iMin(_iMin), iMax(_iMax) {}
            CRange() {}
            myint iMin;
            myint iMax;

      void SetActive(const CRange& range) { m_Active = range;}


      // Old root notes
      std::deque<CDasherNode*> oldroots;

      // Rootmin and Rootmax specify the position of the root node in Dasher coords
      myint m_Rootmin,m_Rootmax;

      myint m_Rootmin_min, m_Rootmax_max;

      // Size of Dasher's arithmetic coding interval - it defines the Dasher coordinate system
      myint m_DasherY;

      // x position of crosshair in Dasher coords - distance from RHS is square Dasher
      myint m_DasherOX;    

      // y position of crosshair in Dasher coords - distance from top in square Dasher
      myint m_DasherOY;     

      // The active interval over which Dasher nodes are maintained - this is most likely bigger than (0,DasherY)
      CRange m_Active;

      // Number of input dimensions
      bool m_Dimensions;

      // Eyetracker mode
      bool m_Eyetracker;

      bool m_Paused;

      CDashEditbox* m_editbox;           // pointer to the editbox
      CLanguageModel* m_languagemodel;   // pointer to the language model
      //CAlphabet* m_alphabet;             // pointer to the alphabet
      CContext* LearnContext;        // Used to add data to model as it is entered
      CFrameRate m_fr;                   // keep track of framerate
      // TODO - move somewhere
      // the probability that gets added to every symbol
      double m_dAddProb;             

      double m_dMaxRate;
      CDasherNode* Get_node_under_mouse(myint smousex,myint smousey);
      CDasherNode* Get_node_under_crosshair();
      CDasherNode* m_Root;
      void Get_new_root_coords(myint mousex,myint mousey);
      void Get_new_goto_coords(double zoomfactor,myint mousey);
      void Get_string_under_mouse(const myint smousex,const myint smousey,std::vector<symbol> &str);
      void Update(CDasherNode* node,CDasherNode* under,int safe);

      int m_iNormalization; // The arithmetic interval for child nodes

      ControlTree* m_pControltree;


#endif /* #ifndef __DasherModel_h__ */

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