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// DasherNode.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2004 David Ward

#ifndef __DasherNode_h__
#define __DasherNode_h__

#include "../Common/NoClones.h"
#include "DasherTypes.h"
#include "LanguageModel.h"

// CDasherNode represents a rectangle and character 

namespace Dasher {class CDasherNode;class CDasherModel;}
class Dasher::CDasherNode : private NoClones
      CDasherNode(const CDasherModel& dashermodel, CDasherNode *parent,symbol Symbol, unsigned int igroup, int iphase, Opts::ColorSchemes ColorScheme,int ilbnd,int ihbnd,CLanguageModel *lm, bool ControlChild, int Colour, ControlTree *controltree);
      bool m_bForce;                     // flag to force a node to be drawn - shouldn't be public
      // return private data members - read only 
      CDasherNode ** const Children() const {return m_Children;}
      int Lbnd() const {return m_iLbnd;}
      int Hbnd() const {return m_iHbnd;}
      bool Alive() {return m_bAlive;}
      bool Control() {return m_bControlChild;}
      bool isSeen() {return m_bSeen;}
      void Seen(bool seen) {m_bSeen=seen;}
      bool NodeIsParent(CDasherNode *oldnode);
      ControlTree* GetControlTree() {return m_controltree;}
      void Kill()  {m_bAlive=0;}
      unsigned int Group() const {return m_iGroup;}
      symbol Symbol() const {return m_Symbol;}
      unsigned int ChildCount() const {return m_iChildCount;}
      int Phase() const {return m_iPhase;}
      Opts::ColorSchemes Cscheme() const {return m_ColorScheme;}
      int Colour() const {return m_iColour;}
      int GroupColour(int group) const {return m_languagemodel->GetGroupColour(group);}
      std::string GroupLabel(int group) const {return m_languagemodel->GetGroupLabel(group);}
      CDasherNode* Parent() const {return m_pParent;}

      CDasherNode* const Get_node_under(int,myint y1,myint y2,myint smousex,myint smousey); // find node under given co-ords
      void Get_string_under(const int,const myint y1,const myint y2,const myint smousex,const myint smousey,std::vector<symbol>&) const; // get string under given co-ords

      void Push_Node();                                      // give birth to children
      void Recursive_Push_Node(int depth);
      void Delete_children();
      void Delete_dead(CDasherNode* alive);
      void Dump_node() const;                                // diagnostic

      // Set/replace the context
      void SetContext(CContext *pContext);


      const int m_iLbnd,m_iHbnd;// the cumulative lower and upper bound prob relative to parent
      const unsigned int m_iGroup;       // group membership - e.g. 0=nothing 1=caps 2=punc
      const symbol m_Symbol;             // the character to display
      CDasherNode **m_Children;          // pointer to array of children
      unsigned int m_iChildCount;            // number of children
      bool m_bAlive;                     // if true, then display node, else dont bother
      bool m_bControlNode;               // if true, node is a control node
      bool m_bControlChild;              // if true, node is offspring of a control node
      bool m_bSeen;                      // if true, node has been output already
      Opts::ColorSchemes m_ColorScheme;
      int m_iPhase;                      // index for coloring
      int m_iColour;                     // for the advanced colour mode

      const CDasherModel& m_DasherModel;
      CLanguageModel *m_languagemodel;   // pointer to the language model - in future, could be different for each node 
      CDasherNode *m_pParent;             // pointer to parent - only needed to grab parent context
      CContext *m_pContext;
      ControlTree *m_controltree;


// Inline functions

using namespace Dasher;
using namespace Opts;
#include "DasherModel.h"

inline CDasherNode::CDasherNode(const CDasherModel& dashermodel, CDasherNode* pParent,symbol Symbol, unsigned int igroup, int iphase, ColorSchemes ColorScheme,int ilbnd,int ihbnd,CLanguageModel *lm, bool ControlChild, int Colour=-1, ControlTree *controltree=0)
      :  m_DasherModel(dashermodel), m_iLbnd(ilbnd), m_iHbnd(ihbnd), m_iGroup(igroup), m_iChildCount(0), m_bAlive(true), m_bControlChild(ControlChild), m_bSeen(false), m_ColorScheme(ColorScheme), m_iPhase(iphase), m_iColour(Colour), m_Symbol(Symbol), m_languagemodel(lm), m_Children(0), m_pParent(pParent), m_pContext(NULL), m_controltree(controltree),m_bForce(false)
      switch (ColorScheme) {
            case Nodes1:
                  m_ColorScheme = Nodes2;
            case Nodes2:
                  m_ColorScheme = Nodes1;
            case Special1:
                  m_ColorScheme = Special2;
            case Special2:
                  m_ColorScheme = Special1;
            case default:
                  m_ColorScheme = ColorScheme;


inline void CDasherNode::Delete_children() 
      if (m_Children) {
            unsigned int i; 
            for (i=1;i<m_iChildCount;i++) {
                    if (m_Children!=0 && m_Children[i]!=0) {
                        delete m_Children[i];
            delete [] m_Children;


inline CDasherNode::~CDasherNode() 
      if (m_pContext)


inline void CDasherNode::SetContext(CContext *pContext)
      if (m_pContext)
      m_pContext = pContext;


#endif /* #ifndef __DasherNode_h__ */

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