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// DasherSettingsInterface.h
// Copyright (c) 2002 Iain Murray

#ifndef __DasherSettingsInterface_h__
#define __DasherSettingsInterface_h__

#include "DasherTypes.h"
#include "SettingsStore.h"

namespace Dasher {class CDasherSettingsInterface;}
class Dasher::CDasherSettingsInterface
      void SettingsDefaults(CSettingsStore* Store);
      // These actually affect the way Dasher works
      //! Change the alphabet in use to NewAlphabetID
      virtual void ChangeAlphabet(const std::string& NewAlphabetID) {};

      //! Get the current alphabet in use
      virtual std::string GetCurrentAlphabet() {return "";}

      //! Change the colour scheme in use to NewColourID
      virtual void ChangeColours(const std::string& NewColourID) {};

      //! Get the current colour scheme
      virtual std::string GetCurrentColours() {return "";}

      //! Change the maximum bitrate (effectively the speed) of Dasher
      virtual void ChangeMaxBitRate(double NewMaxBitRate) {};

      //! Generate a new langage model. Not usually needed
      virtual void ChangeLanguageModel(unsigned int NewLanguageModelID) {};

      //! Generate a new view of the model. Call it with 0 when starting up
      virtual void ChangeView(unsigned int NewViewID) {};

      //! Change the orientation (l->r, r->l, so on) of the model
      virtual void ChangeOrientation(Opts::ScreenOrientations Orientation) {};

      //! Set the file encoding of output files to Encoding
      virtual void SetFileEncoding(Opts::FileEncodingFormats Encoding) {};

      //! Inform the core that the screen has this size
      virtual void SetScreenSize(long Width, long Height) {};
      //! Set the size of the font used in the Dasher canvas
      virtual void SetDasherFontSize(Dasher::Opts::FontSize fontsize) {};

      //! Set the number of dimensions of input (either 1 or 2)
      virtual void SetDasherDimensions(bool Value) {};

      //! Set eyetracking mode on or off
      virtual void SetDasherEyetracker(bool Value) {};

      // These are recommended options for the Dasher GUI. {{{ They don't actually
      // change the way Dasher works. They are part of the Dasher interface
      // anyway so that it can handle option saving for you, and to make it
      // easy for the Dasher engine to control the GUI later on. }}}

      //! True if toolbar should be shown, false otherwise
      virtual void ShowToolbar(bool Value) {};

      //! True if toolbar should show text, false otherwse
      virtual void ShowToolbarText(bool Value) {};

      //! True if toolbar should have large icons, false otherwise
      virtual void ShowToolbarLargeIcons(bool Value) {};

      //! True if the speed slider should be shown, false otherwise
      virtual void ShowSpeedSlider(bool Value) {};

      //! True if the window layout should be fixed, false otherwise
      virtual void FixLayout(bool Value) {};

      //! True if new files should be timestamped, false otherwise
      virtual void TimeStampNewFiles(bool Value) {};

      //! True if all text should be copied to clipboard when Dasher is stopped, false otherwise
      virtual void CopyAllOnStop(bool Value) {};

      //! True if a box should be drawn to represent the logical position of the mouse
      virtual void DrawMouse(bool Value) {};

      //! True if a line should be drawn between the logical position of the mouse and the crosshair
      virtual void DrawMouseLine(bool Value) {};

      //! Set the editbox font 
      virtual void SetEditFont(std::string Name, long Size) {};

      //! Set the canvas font
      virtual void SetDasherFont(std::string Name) {};

      //! Set the height of the edit box
      virtual void SetEditHeight(long Value) {};
      //! Should Dasher start and stop on space bar?
      virtual void StartOnSpace(bool Value) {};

      //! Should Dasher start and stop on left mouse button?
      virtual void StartOnLeft(bool Value) {};
      //! Should Dasher be keyboard controlled?
      virtual void KeyControl(bool Value) {};
      //! Should Dasher pause when the pointer leaves the window?
      virtual void WindowPause(bool Value) {};

      //! Should control mode be enabled?
      virtual void ControlMode(bool Value) {};

      //! Should advanced colour mode be enabled?
      virtual void ColourMode(bool Value) {};   

      //! Should keyboard input be enabled?
      virtual void KeyboardMode(bool Value) {};

      //! Should Dasher start based on the mouse position?
      virtual void MouseposStart(bool Value) {};

      //! Should Dasher draw outlines around boxes?
      virtual void OutlineBoxes(bool Value) {};

      //! Should Dasher speak?
      virtual void Speech(bool Value) {};

      //! Should Dasher automatically change colour scheme?
      virtual void PaletteChange(bool Value) {};

      //! How uniform (ie, non-predictive) should the language model be?
      virtual void SetUniform(int Value) {};

      //! How should the Y axis input be scaled?
      virtual void SetYScale(int Value) {};

      //! How far from the centre line should mouse start position boxes be?
      virtual void SetMousePosDist(int Value) {};


#include <string>

namespace Dasher
namespace Keys
      // Standard Option strings. You are encouraged to use these constants.
      // -------------------------------------------------------------------
      // bool options
      extern const std::string TIME_STAMP;
      extern const std::string SHOW_TOOLBAR;
      extern const std::string SHOW_TOOLBAR_TEXT;
      extern const std::string SHOW_LARGE_ICONS;
      extern const std::string FIX_LAYOUT;
      extern const std::string SHOW_SLIDER;
      extern const std::string COPY_ALL_ON_STOP;
      extern const std::string DRAW_MOUSE;
      extern const std::string DRAW_MOUSELINE;
      extern const std::string START_SPACE;
      extern const std::string START_MOUSE;
      extern const std::string KEY_CONTROL;
      extern const std::string WINDOW_PAUSE;
      extern const std::string CONTROL_MODE;
      extern const std::string KEYBOARD_MODE;
      extern const std::string MOUSEPOS_START;
      extern const std::string SPEECH_MODE;
      extern const std::string OUTLINE_MODE;
      extern const std::string PALETTE_CHANGE;
      // long options
      extern const std::string FILE_ENCODING;
      extern const std::string MAX_BITRATE_TIMES100;
      extern const std::string SCREEN_ORIENTATION;
      extern const std::string VIEW_ID;
      extern const std::string LANGUAGE_MODEL_ID;
      extern const std::string EDIT_FONT_SIZE;
      extern const std::string EDIT_HEIGHT;
      extern const std::string SCREEN_WIDTH;
      extern const std::string SCREEN_HEIGHT;
      extern const std::string DASHER_FONTSIZE;
      extern const std::string DASHER_DIMENSIONS;
      extern const std::string DASHER_EYETRACKER;
      extern const std::string UNIFORM;
      extern const std::string YSCALE;
      extern const std::string MOUSEPOSDIST;

      // string options
      extern const std::string ALPHABET_ID;
      extern const std::string COLOUR_ID;
      extern const std::string DASHER_FONT;
      extern const std::string EDIT_FONT;
} // namespace Dasher

#endif /* #ifndef __DasherSettingsInterface_h__ */

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