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// DasherTypes.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2002 David Ward

#ifndef __DasherTypes_h__
#define __DasherTypes_h__

//#include "../Common/Types/int.h"
#include "../Common/Types/int32.h"
#include "../Common/Types/int64.h"
#include <string>

namespace Dasher
      // DasherModel co-ordinates are of type myint
      typedef Cint64 myint;
      // All screen co-ordinates are of type screenint
      typedef Cint32 screenint;

      // Using a signed symbol type allows "Out of band" ie negative {{{
      // values to be used to flag non-symbol data. For example commands
      // in dasher nodes.
      //typedef unsigned int symbol; // }}}
      typedef int symbol;

      namespace Opts
            // Numbers should be applied to elements of the following two enumerations as these preferences may be stored to file. Constancy between
            // versions is a good idea. It should *not* be assumed that the numbers map onto anything useful. Different codepages may be appropriate on different systems for different character sets.
            enum FileEncodingFormats {UserDefault=-1, AlphabetDefault=-2, UTF8=65001, UTF16LE=1200, UTF16BE=1201};
            enum AlphabetTypes {MyNone=0, Arabic=1256, Baltic=1257, CentralEurope=1250, ChineseSimplified=936, ChineseTraditional=950, Cyrillic=1251, Greek=1253, Hebrew=1255, Japanese=932, Korean=949, Thai=874, Turkish=1254, VietNam=1258, Western=1252};
            enum ScreenOrientations {Alphabet=-2, LeftToRight=0, RightToLeft=1, TopToBottom=2, BottomToTop=3};
            // TODO: Possibly make colors long and add an RGB item to this {{{
            // Would allow literal as well as semantic colors for
            // greater flexibility. }}}
            enum ColorSchemes {Nodes1=0, Nodes2=1, Special1=2, Special2=3, Groups=4, Objects=5};
            enum FontSize {Normal=1, Big=2, VBig=4};

      struct ControlTree {
        void* pointer;
        int data;
        int type;
        int colour;
        std::string text;
        ControlTree *parent;
        ControlTree *children;
        ControlTree *next;

#endif /* #ifndef __DasherTypes_h__ */

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