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// DasherViewSquare.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2004 David Ward

#ifndef __DasherViewSquare_h__
#define __DasherViewSquare_h__

#include "DasherScreen.h"
#include "DasherModel.h"
#include "DasherView.h"
#include "LanguageModel.h"

// An implementation of the DasherView class
// This class renders Dasher in the vanilla style,
// but with horizontal and vertical mappings
// Horizontal mapping - linear and log
// Vertical mapping - linear with different gradient

namespace Dasher {class CDasherViewSquare;}
class Dasher::CDasherViewSquare : public Dasher::CDasherView
      CDasherViewSquare(CDasherScreen* DasherScreen, CDasherModel& DasherModel, CLanguageModel* LanguageModel, Dasher::Opts::ScreenOrientations Orientation=Dasher::Opts::LeftToRight, bool ColourMode=0);
      void TapOnDisplay(screenint mousex,screenint mousey, unsigned long Time);
      void GoTo(screenint mousex,screenint mousey);
      void ChangeScreen(CDasherScreen* NewScreen);
      void CDasherViewSquare::DrawGoTo(screenint mousex, screenint mousey);
      void DrawMouse(screenint mousex, screenint mousey);
      void DrawMouseLine(screenint mousex, screenint mousey);
      void DrawKeyboard();
      // the x and y non-linearities
      void screen2dasher(screenint mousex, screenint mousey, myint* dasherx, myint* dashery) const;
      void AutoCalibrate(screenint *mousex, screenint *mousey);
    int dasherx2screen(myint sx) const ;
      int dashery2screen(myint sy) const ;
      double eyetracker_get_x(double x, double y);
      double eyetracker_get_y(double x, double y);
      double xmax(double x, double y) const;
    double xmap(double x) const;
      double ixmap(double x) const;

      int RenderNode(const symbol Character, const int Color, Opts::ColorSchemes ColorScheme,
            myint y1, myint y2, int& mostleft, bool& force, bool text, std::string displaytext);
      void CheckForNewRoot();
      inline void Crosshair(myint sx);
      double m_dXmpa,m_dXmpb,m_dXmpc,m_dXmpd;
//    myint s_Y1,s_Y2,s_Y3;
      int CanvasX,CanvasY,CanvasBorder;
      class Cymap
            Cymap(myint iScale);
            Cymap() {}
            myint map(myint y) const;
            myint unmap(myint y) const;
            myint m_Y1,m_Y2,m_Y3;


      Cymap m_ymap;
    // Calibration.

#include "DasherViewSquare.inl"

#endif /* #ifndef __DasherViewSquare_h__ */

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