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// LanguageModel.h
// Copyright (c) 2001-2004 David Ward

// Abstract language model class
// See PPMModel for an example implementation


#ifndef __LanguageModel_h__
#define __LanguageModel_h__

#include <vector>
#include <string>

#include "Alphabet.h"
#include "Context.h"
#include "DasherTypes.h"


namespace Dasher {class CLanguageModel;}
class Dasher::CLanguageModel
      CLanguageModel(CAlphabet* Alphabet);

      virtual ~CLanguageModel() {}

      virtual CContext* GetEmptyContext() const =0;
      virtual CContext* CloneContext(const CContext* pContext)=0;
      virtual void ReleaseContext(CContext* pContext)=0;
      // update context with a character:
      virtual void EnterSymbol(CContext* pContext, symbol Symbol)=0;
      // add character to the language model:
      virtual void LearnSymbol(CContext* pContext, symbol Symbol)=0;
      // get the probability distrubution at the given context:
      virtual bool GetProbs(const CContext* pContext, std::vector<unsigned int> &Probs, int norm) const=0;
      void EnterText(CContext* Context, std::string TheText);
      void LearnText(CContext* Context, std::string* TheText, bool IsMore);

      bool GetProbs(CContext* Context, std::vector<symbol> &NewSymbols,
            std::vector<unsigned int> &Groups, std::vector<unsigned int> &Probs, int iNorm) const;
      // Alphabet pass-through functions for widely needed information
      symbol GetSpaceSymbol() const {return m_Alphabet->GetSpaceSymbol();}
      symbol GetControlSymbol() const {return m_Alphabet->GetControlSymbol();}
      bool isRealSymbol( symbol _s ) const;

      int GetColour(int character) const;
      int GetGroupColour(int group) const;
      std::string GetGroupLabel(int group) const;

      void SetUniform( int _uniform ) { m_uniform = _uniform; };

      int GetNumberModelChars() const {return m_Alphabet->GetNumberSymbols();}
      // diagnostic info:
      virtual void dump()=0;
      CAlphabet *m_Alphabet;
      int m_uniform;     // Fraction to allocate to uniform dist. (*1000)

using namespace Dasher;


#endif /* #ifndef __LanguageModel_h__ */

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